Money Transfer Services

Our Best Services

Instant Cash Collection

Madina Remit offers instant cash collection from the customer’s choice of Bank and Branch. Guaranteed Delivery in Urgent circumstances, a PIN and valid Identification is all that is required. Our remittance service network covers almost all countries around the globe

Bank Transfer within 48 hours

Safe and Secure Service to the Beneficiary account. Funds available within 48 hours in the Beneficiary account.

Bureau De Change

Daily currency exchange service available with Madina Remit. We provide the best and most competitive rates in the market. 0% Commission. Our Bureau De Change product makes us very competitive in the market place.

Worldwide Money Transfer

Our Money Transfer Service is fast and efficient, this has made us a reliable partner for our customers when they need to reach their family across the world. 100% Customer Satisfaction is our objective and ultimate goal.

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